Darwin, as a scientist is feted and adored

But you don’t have to look too far to see he was a fraud.

Training in the sciences and knowledge, he had none.

His tutors of theology wondered what they’d done.

Observing man-made pedigrees of roses, pigs and horses,

He theorized life evolved the same, though formed by natural forces.

He couldn’t see that chance mutation only works for bad.

A theory of how life began, based on a lie, is mad.

Order to disorder was a law that got reversed.

Before a butterfly is formed a big bang must come first.

The content of his famous book included favoured races.

Eugenics, killing off the weak, now had a proper basis.

This perfect chance to kick at God was grabbed at far and wide.

Professors, even museum keepers ditched the truth and lied.

Haekel’s doctored drawings were inspired by Darwin’s theory.

The Nebraska, Piltdown hoaxes shone, until we all got leery.

For years they mocked Neandertahl as a man and monkey mix,

But I’m sure this noble man, if told, would have laughed at Darwin’s tricks.